Monte Sereno

by Sam Eliot

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released July 8, 2012

Sam Eliot: vox, guitar, bass, keys, horns, percussion
Dave Middleton: keys, bass, vox, guitar
Zack Kampf: percussion

Additional performances by:
Adrian Bourgeois
Peter Clarke
Martina Capri Plaza
Elizabeth Simpson
Eva Echenique
Tina Devoe
Gabriella Martucci
Brittany Liddon

Engineered by Dave Middleton

Produced by Dave Middleton and Sam Eliot

Mastered by Eric Broyhill at Monsterlab Studios

Recorded on location at Monte Sereno. Additional recording at The Hanger, Stern Headquarters East Sacramento, and Dudebuddy Dave's.



all rights reserved


Sam Eliot Sacramento, California

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Track Name: Right Mistakes
Out here the weather is clearer
Thinking clean thoughts 'bout everything till suddenly
I'm not, whenever you're near
I smell the chloroform
And curl up against your feet

Shake off the full moon fever
Get lost wandering the empty streets
Get tossed out. Disappear
Into the grey fog curling on your balcony

But we just make the right mistakes
Don't cry when I make mine

Up high. Out in the ether
On a bird flight
The dead weight that's inside of me
But some nights I look in the mirror
Sometimes real life
Is never what you thought it'd be

But we just make the right mistakes
Don't cry when I make mine

Only love distorts my vision
Only love keeps me livin'
In a half life
Track Name: Desolation City
Beautiful stranger
Get your hand off my shoulder
What do you know about love
If nobody told you?

That my love is as strong as the bars on a window
Of a 24 hour liquor and lotto
I can let people in
but it all depends
On what exactly I've got and what exactly you're needin'

On hot July evenings
Ignoring the feeling
I try to figure out why I'm still bleeding
Well I could have forgotten
But it hurt me a lot
And if you ask me one more time
"I'm fine. Believe me."

There are things you can think that will keep you from sleeping
Now I'm lying awake staring at the ceiling
don't get carried away and see shapes in the dark
It'll all go away if I watch the alarm clock

Turn your back on me
Desolation City
It's so easy to be another pillar of salt
When a gust of wind starts to blow in your direction
You'll go chasing it like a bag that's been caught

Beautiful stranger
Get your hand off my shoulder
What do you know about love
Until it's over
Track Name: City Visions
When I close my eyes
I can start to see a vision
Down a river of lights
Towards Pacific and Mission
These day's are all the same
Lay out a getaway
You won't find me
I've got the keys to the city

We give the same old alibi's
For why we disappear into the night
It's like I'm living in a double life
Where I could believe you
But not if I don't want to

Invent a real disease
And then you give it to me
I'm running a fever
But there's a fire underneath her
It burns me away
But I know that nothing has changed
And, "I don't want to remember"
Becomes, "Ok..yeah...whatever"

All you gotta do is take me out
And show me ways I can forget this place
And leave me naked with my mind erased
I'm putting the blame
On cheap Champagne
Just let me stumble away again
Even the Moon's not rising

I better not stand here
It feels so unreal
That woman drags on her camels
Until her eyes are like needles
And throws it away
And steps on the flame
And lights up another
And burns them all summer

In an empty parking lot
She sits beside me with the windows shut
and says, "It's easier to just give up."

The party's not waiting
Balloons are deflating
I've got nothing to say again
No easing my mind
Thanks for trying
Track Name: San Lazaro
I saw you walking all by yourself
We were trying to get back to the old house
Nothing was looking quite like itself
I was screaming for help
I was somebody else

I hear you whispering in everything
And it's all chanting, and it's all chanting
"How long's it been since you've been happy?"
I fell on my knees as it comes back to me

Nothing is the same before
It's nothing like it was before today
Everything starts closing in
I always loose you never win

I burnt a candle in the other room
'Cause it felt like a tomb
Yeah, I burnt it for you
Lazarus climbing out of the gloom
When I'm living on fumes
Is when I start to assume

That everything that once was dead
Is walking up around inside my head
Nothings half as sad a sin
As sitting around and wondering
I'll never say I love you one more time
You know what's on my mind
Track Name: Hollywood Movie Dream
It was a long time coming
Only to end in the explosion
To save a friend from downing
Sometimes you gotta throw yourself in
I walk around like a man on a mission
So you don't find out all the shit that I've been thinking
I wear the sleeves out of everything
That's why I don't wanna be in your hollywood movie dream

Los Angeles has crows feet under puppy dog eyes
You always look so pretty when you're wearing a disguise
So go out and buy some cheap sunglasses tonight
Do E and dance until you loose them
People are never quite what they seem
That's why I don't wanna be in no hollywood movie dream

What did you do, What did you do?
To be so amused?
What did you do all night?
The paint's wet on the canvas
And the hours burn out like candlewicks
What did you do all night?

We never try to let the light in on all the things that we've been hiding
We just wake up in the morning and nothing happens, without warning.
We wait around for some Elijah to come down from the clouds
But no one would be listening
They make a pill now for everything
That's why I don't wanna be in your hollywood movie dream
Track Name: Driving You Home...
Driving you home is never as easy as driving you home I guess
These people are strange and good at deceiving
And smoking all your cigarettes with no regrets
It's/I'm/We're such a mess

Manic street preachers sit high in the bleachers
Of the local county race track
Where nobody's winning and nobody's sinning anymore
It's such a bore
Give me something more

Am I getting the feeling no one says what they're meaning
We're all looking for something but we come up with nothing
Turn around when everybody gets their picture taken now
We're gonna turn it around

Buy some new clothes you rich kids tear out your souls
Young criminals you ain't got nothing to hide
There's nothing that scares me or is more exciting
Than your mind, and what's inside, ain't gonna lie
Never mind, just nevermind, never mind.